Tazrina Alrazi

Tazrina Alrazi obtained her medical degree (M.D) “Bachelors of medicine and surgery” from Bangladesh in 2010 and practiced as a general physician in Bangladesh until she joined Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Faculty of Medicine, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary, Canada, in 2012 to obtain MSc. She was awarded with her MSc degree for Clinical Neuroscience in 2014. Her masters project focused on diabetic brains, evaluating the brain “Insulin PI3K-Akt pathway” in diabetic mice to assess whether administration of intranasal insulin could prevent the brain neurodegeneration in chronic type -1 diabetic mice. She is a member of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute and was a teachers’ assistant (TA) for her neuroscience courses. Currently Tazrina is pursuing her PhD degree with the same department at Cumming School of Medicine.

Tazrina enjoys speaking multiple languages, culture, music, fashion, sports and cooking. She has been a dancer for more than two decades; opera enthusiast; piano, Jazz and yoga lover; fan of ice hockey, UFC, soccer; and likes to spend her summer hiking, rafting and camping. She volunteers for Hotchkiss brain institute trainee organization events, high school kids’ neuroscience training, training summer students, raising money for autistic children and dancing for Parkinson disease.