Mehrafarin Ramezani

Mehrafarin Ramezani obtained her B.Sc. in Cellular and Molecular Biology - Biotechnology from the Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran in 2008. She worked as lab assistant until joining the International Master program of Biotechnology in the Swedish Agricultural Sciences University in Uppsala, Sweden in 2010. 

In her Master thesis project she studied the expression of transporter genes in mouse mammalian cells during lactation and participated in several amazing research projects on skin cancer and proteomics. Her interest in neuroscience led her to join Dr. Andrea Carmine Belin’s lab at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden where she worked on Parkinson’s disease genetics and circadian rhythms of fibroblasts until 2015.

She is currently working as Ph.D. student in Dr. Oury Monchi’s PCAN Lab and her main research focuses on the effect of genes on cognitive impairment in Parkinson’s disease patients.